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How To Find Professional PSD To HTML Service Providers?

Best PSD To HTML Conversion Service Providers_

Business owners are fast realizing the benefits of a mobile-friendly website with a responsive design. They want to enhance the visibility of their website to attract the target audience. PSD to HTML conversion process plays a crucial role in achieving this objective. As the demand for this service in increasing so is the number of companies offering this service. A simple Google search shows you an innumerable number of option, and it becomes difficult to zero down on a single provider that can provide the best services.

Here we present you some important parameters that will help you select a professional and experienced PSD to HTML Service Providers –One that can provide you with best results.

1. Right expertise

The first step is to gauge whether the company has the right expertise to do the task that you want it to do. Does it specialize in the conversion process that your project requires? Does it have experienced and well-trained team members who know their job inside out? Does it use the latest available technology required to carry out the process? Taking feedback from its past clients and checking references will give you a clear idea about its level of expertise. Go through industry reports and consumer reports, check the company’s feedback in online forums to select a stable service provider with the right expertise.

2. Quality

You must look at some important aspects with respect to quality. Does the company adhere to the standard web practices? Does it provide clean, well structured, semantic code that attracts the search engine crawlers? Does it provide proper commenting for each section, so that it is easy to update the code in future?Does it ensure that the website is compatible with various web browsers? Ask for some sample work and check the HTML codes of the websites that they have worked for. This will help you to judge whether the company meets your quality standards or not.

How to find the best PSD to HTML Outsource Company?

3. Portfolio

Having a look at the past projects that the company has handled is the most important aspect in searching for the provider. Most companies showcase their portfolio of work on their website. Go through them to see how the company has handled its past work. Don’t just go by the number of clients. Dig deeper to see whether it is trusted by some known businesses. If the provider has worked for well-known companies then this helps in establishing its credibility.

4. Client feedback

The testimonial is one way of finding out what other client’s think about the provider. But since no company will post any negative feedback from dissatisfied clients on the website, relying only on testimonials isn’t a wise decision.  It is better to get feedback from other sources like online forums. Find out whether the company meets the expectations of quality and timely delivery of service. You can also get some idea by checking the rankings of industry experts.

5. Customer Support services

A company that has a good customer support staff will ensure that you have a pleasant experience while working with them. See whether the company is responsive to your queries. Do they have proper communication channels? Are they easily approachable in case you have any issues during the course of the project? What after sales support does the company provide?

6. Pricing

Apart from good quality work, one also needs to ensure that it is available at the best price. Discuss the pricing part well before you place the order. Understand how they price the services and compare it with the other players in the market. One needs to achieve equilibrium between cost and quality of work. Service providers that provide flawless execution may charge a premium price. While those offering services at lowest cost may be doing so by compromising on quality.

7. Non-disclosure

While getting PSD to HTML conversion you need to protect your confidential business information. Ask the company to sign a Non-disclosure agreement to ensure privacy and avoid any security issues. This ensures that your ideas and information are in safe hands and will not be compromised.

Do a thorough research of the experience and expertise of the vendors to shortlist a few service providers. Do a detailed research on the portfolio, practices, and approach followed and the quality of execution to select the best provider. Ask questions from the vendor, read online feedback and do proper due diligence to select the right service provider for PSD to HTML conversion.

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