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Sketch-40 is Out – Vector Editing Made Easy!

As we all know that sketch has been making the designer’s job easy with its fastness, easy to use and perfect for implementing UI designs. Most of the designers love to work with Sketch because it is very nicely integrated with prototype tool as well.

And there are plugins like Zeplin for Sketch that directly add art boards. The whole Sketch program is art board based. So we can have hundreds of artboards in one file to make your pixel perfect designs.

In order to convert designs to websites, Sketch has inbuilt feature called EXPORT, so that we can take most of the assets from sketch designs itself.

So, as Sketch is providing more designers friendly features it is continuously improving performance with regular updates. Recently it got updated with version 40 i.e vector editing feature that supports editing multiple shapes at a time.

What’s New with Sketch 40?

Vector editing: It supports bulk shapes editing at time. The vector editor key is now quickly response instead of waiting until the pointer moves.

Easy Text Transform: Transform your text Lower to Upper case in a single click. It is also supports shared text styles.

User benefits with Sketch 40 Update:

>      The vector editing is far better as good as illustrator

>      In Edit –Scale now remembers last scaled corner

>      All the selected layers can be handling at single

>      All the documents now can easily upload to Sketch Cloud as a new share

>      You can now easily unregister your copy of Sketch from under the Sketch menu

>      All legacy plug-ins are moved to own main menu

>      If you press a Modifier key, vector can respond you as quick as fast without cursor move

>      In the bitmap editor vectorize section is removed

>      Appearance in vector editor is now improved to high

>      You can use pathfinder functions to combine, make difference, and make additive, objects just as paths in illustrator

Sketch 40 –Editing:

It is very difficult when we need to edit complex designs, in which more sub-paths are created and all shapes need to adjust properly. Adjusting a complex shape in design is time consuming and focused job. Sketch 40 has made very easy for editing multiple shapes containing various points to the desired design output by pressing enterkey. It is not only applicable within a layer, but also we can apply this editing key for multiple layers at a single selection.

Sketch 40 updates_Vector editing examples

Sketch vector editing is supportive for editing multiple shapes at a time like changing styles, shapes and layout forms. It is a simple and easy tool to handle which reduces a lot of hard-work and saves the time.

By selecting different points across different layers, shapes can be adjusted without going through each and every layer. You can go for edit mode in order to make changes in different layers and as an option of adding sub-paths without closing mode. It got better UI design than the last version makes users to feel comfortable while using design.

Quick Text U-L Transformations:

Another favorable feature update is Text Transform –it isn’t new feature but improved with text styles, can transform any range of lowercase text to uppercase and vice versa.

Lower to Uppercase text transforming in Sketch 40

This feature is useful for making non-destructive text-transform that is capable of converting text uppercase or lowercase letters without retyping. For making text-transform to layer, select layer and press option button in the inspector where you will find drop-down list to choose transform.

How Lower to Uppercase text in Sketch 40

Official plug-ins for free Download:

As we all now sketch officially released their plugins in few of weeks ago, they help users to compress files to export.  They are SVGO Compressor and Sketch Image Compressor. These two plugins improve the SVG and other bitmap files appropriately as early they exported from sketch tool.

You can download them for free from:

SVGO Compressor

Sketch Image Compressor

Now sketch give support on SVGO Compressor, Sketch Image Compressor usage through their support page or social media networks, facebook, twitter.


SkechApp blog and sketch official release note

End note:

If you are creative enough in design, eager get control over design tools and then get update yourself with a bit improvement in design tools features like Sketch, photoshop, and illustrator.

Keep visiting our blog for regular updates.

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