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Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Lead Generation

Top 10 WordPress Plugins For Lead Generation

Your WordPress site can do wonders for you. It is your page of prospects, possibilities, leads, and sales. But, is lead generation difficult that difficult as it is presumed to be? Well, if your WordPress isn’t generating sufficient leads for you, then it may be that you aren’t using the right lead capturing plugins. And, speaking about plugins, you have a whole lot of WordPress plugins. Just to let you know, the WordPress directory reveals more than 43,000 plugins and the number doesn’t include those stand-alone plug-ins which work with WordPress. However, the unofficial WordPress plugin directory has 22 categories of plugins with more than 2700 sub-categories. So, you have a lot of plugins. But, it is up to you to choose plugins which entice your leads.

No matter you’re a blogger or an entrepreneur, you have to do lead generation as it helps in growing your audience base. Lead generation needs time, so every minute when you aren’t doing it, you are not working on your prospective clients. Keeping the priority of lead generation in mind, here are the best 11 lead generation WordPress plugins for you, check it out:

Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins for Lead Generation:

1. Email Subscribers and Newsletters

A perfect newsletter plugin, Email Subscribers allows you to collect leads, send instant new blog post notifying emails, draft and send newsletters and handle all these in a single place. It is a well-featured subscription plugin created especially for avid bloggers, developers, marketers and site owner. It assists you to get all the things you require to create a list and keep them involved in one plugin.

  • Quickly collect leads on your site: just insert a tidy subscription on your site. This subscription box is well designed and catches the eyes of the audiences instantly.
  • Send auto notifications whenever a post is published: yes, you can save time by automating the procedure of sending emails every time you publish a blog post.
  • Just create, schedule and send newsletters: draft amazing newsletters via HTML editor and send to your subscribers through crone or manually.
  • Comprehensive documentation: It has a documented series to help you know each and every feature in detail.
  • Friendly support: The support guys are friendly and always ready to help with your queries.

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2. Title Experiments

In order to get the attention of the lead, you need to have top value prospects for your site. Title Experiments allows you to test your lead generation first line offense i.e. the headline!!!!

It is the headline which convinces the audience and visitors to come to your landing page. With Title Experiments plugin, one can A/B test the primary and most essential headline which the audience will see- yes, the title tag is displayed in search results of search engines. Every time you write a new blog or a new landing page, you need to write two or more headline variations and plug them in Title Experiments. The plugin will find out which title tag is the most appealing to the most leads and automatically provide you the result of the highest performing headline.

  • Provides you a chance to choose the best: Just fill in the headlines with which you’re confused and you shall get the result for the best lead generation headline.
  • You shall never go wrong with your headlines now: with Title Experiments, you will never go wrong with your headlines and if the headline is right, you will have the maximum lead to your site.
  • The right headline for every page: No matter whenever you start a new page, you will get the perfect title for your every page.

3. WordPress Leads

It works as a standalone plugin or together with WordPress Calls to Action and WordPress Landing Pages to render a sturdy and free lead generation platform for your work. WordPress Leads helps in capturing and segregating user actions into lead profiles. It works with its own collection tool which includes Ninja Forms, Contact Form and Gravity Forms.

The WordPress Leads help you sell better, smarter and more effectively. It allows you to manage your leads straight from the admin interface or transfer the lead data to CRM of the third party of your choice. It is the first fully extendable CRM plugin WordPress.

  • Check out the past comments your visitors have made on the blog
  • Know what your audience is searching on your site: Find out which pages your lead visit before converting them to sales.
  • Check out where the referral traffic is coming from
  • Collect demographic data: It automatically collects the data of the visitors from the submitted form.
  • Find out about their topical interest.
  • Make use of geo-location facilities to check more details on first-time lead conversion.
  • Just search, see and modify lead contact details with majority lead management plugin.

It is a free plugin which allows the site owners to collect, store and handle lead details for understanding every lead that visits their site in a better way.

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4. OptinMonster

It isn’t just a plugin, but a full-fledged web-based application. Users manage things from their dashboard, but with the help of this plugin, you can get exclusive page targeting specs. You have several opt-in form types like Fullscreen Welcome Gate, Lightbox Popup, Sidebar Widgets and more. It is majorly known as Exit Intent Popup. It analyzes user behavior and stimulates them with the targeted campaign when they are about to leave the site.

  • A wide number templates selection for your forms
  • Simple editor with form preview facility
  • Integrates all the primary email providers
  • Evaluates your analytics to see how the forms are doing.
  • Split test setup on your dashboard.
  • Several form options like lightbox popups, slide-in, sidebars etc.
  • Use of Monster links specs to preview 2-step opt-in forms.
  • A/B testing
  • Animated effect
  • Periodic statistical reports

OptinMonster has two support systems- technical question for the present clientele where you need to submit a ticket and basic questions for pre-sale.

5. Thrive Leads

It is a significant list building plugin. Decked with amazing specs, Thrive leads is an all in one solution. The major features include Lightbox popups, Slide-in forms, 1st and 2nd Step Opt-in Forms, Sticky Ribbons as well as Inline Forms. The best thing is that you can personalize the forms with drag and drop editor, deploy Advanced Targeting to showcase required forms by tags, post, and category, set A/B testing to find out which kind gives the best result.

  • Combines with most renowned email marketing facilities
  • The analyzing dashboard renders important insights.
  • Has multi-state opt-in forms support
  • Several opt-in form kinds like slide-ins, widgets, inline, lightboxes as well as ribbon
  • Multi-theme templates accessible for every opt-in form kind
  • Displays variable content to the present subscribers
  • A/B testing: Allows different forms testing against one another.
  • Drag n drop editor helps in enhanced personalization
  • Subscribers are sent lead magnets.

At present, it is being used by more than 9000 clients. It combines different ways to capture info into one plugin. You have the facility to target offers to visitors and get an overview of metrics. It has bank of FAQs. However, if you do not find your answers in FAQs, then you can contact the support team.

6. Icegram

Icegram is a powerful plugin to create amazing opt-ins and call to action in the way you want, reveal it to the targeted visitors and transform them into fans and clientele. The plugin completely wipes out the need to appoint a developer. One can easily set it up in few minutes and commence recording results in the perfect manner. Icegram is well-featured, simple to use and free.

  • It is simple optin with list building as well as email subscription plugin.
  • It helps you to grow your subscriber list. It converts email opt-in forms and creates your subscriber list.
  • It has immediate drive traffic results. It showcases strong call to action button and brings visitors to any you want.
  • Commence engaging and converting visitors: attract the attention of the visitors, declare and engage them to lower bounce rate or provide another call to action.
  • You can craft time targeted popups which are made for conversion optimization.
  • It is very important alerts, invites and multi-stage CTAs
  • Quickly combines with email marketing service
  • Easy user interface
  • Multi-display locations- center, right, left, bottom, top, and middle.
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Analyzation and reporting of all the messages and campaign through a free add-on

It has different types of optin like Slide in Messengers, Toast Notifications, Header and Footer Action Bars and Lightbox popups. It has so many inventive message styles like Stickies, Tabs, Sidebars, Ribbons, Interstitials, Badges, Overlay, Before and After Inlines and Post etc.

7. Lead Call Buttons

Lead Call Buttons makes it simple for site visitors to reach out to you. It adds personalized buttons to the site’s mobile view like Schedule, Map, and Call. It is very helpful in generating more calls and leads from every page of your site. It is perfect for designers, marketers, and agencies.

  • Excessively light in weight
  • Works well with small devices too
  • Easy installation and setup via admin setting panel
  • Text and background color can be customized
  • Hide buttons from particular post or page
  • Link tracking with Onclick option
  • Link, text, and icon can be customized
  • Amazing font support
  • Promotes 3 lead call buttons like getting Directions, Make an Appointment, Call
  • Can go with any theme
  • Amazingly enhances your site with just a few clicks
  • Better website consumer support.

It is open source software available in English. It is a great WordPress plugin to generate leads for free. Just customize your website pages as you want and get calls from leads.

Brilliant Web-to-Lead for Salesforce

Brilliant Web-to-Lead for Salesforce design a perfect integration between the installs of your WordPress and your Salesforce CRM account. When people submit a contact form on your website, the lead reaches the Salesforce CRM. So, you do not have to copy paste lead details anymore now. This means you will no longer miss leads. All are already present at for you to follow.

One can completely configure the different form settings and make use of a shortcode to insert the form in their pages and posts. One can also use the widget available with the plugin and insert the form in the sidebar.

  • You can make several forms with this plugin with the version 2.0. The duplicate forms lower down the effort of re-entering data.
  • The plugin has no limit. But, the sales force restricts API calls daily. The per day count for Web to Lead requests is 500.
  • The plugin has a few filters and hooks.

8. Pure Chat

A web-based application, Pure Chat makes it simpler for the site owners to send instant messages to their visitors at any point of time from anywhere. It combines with WordPress through a free plugin. By any chance, if you aren’t available, then the chat box transforms into a lead capture form stating that you will never miss a chance to get in touch with new clients.

When you aren’t available on the site and a visitor pings you, Pure Chat sends you a notification. You can also respond to visitors when you’re out by using the smartphone app. You have options for paid and free plans.

  • Supports geolocation data for users to find out where your visitors are coming from
  • User ratings for communication
  • Complete chat transcript history details
  • Visitors have the ability to leave their contact details while you aren’t online.
  • Personalized canned replies for common queries.
  • Supports visitors while you’re on the go for Android as well as iOS

A great option for those who want to contact their visitors and do not want to miss any of them! It helps you keep a track of the number of visitors coming to your site and communicate with each one of them, no matter you’re online or not.

9. Yoast SEO

A renowned plugin with more than millions of active installs, Yoast SEO is a reliable lead generation WordPress plugin. A large number of users rely on it to grade keywords and incorporate them into blog posts and landing pages of WordPress.

However, Yoast plugin has more to offer you apart from search engine optimization. You have another important setting for lead generation which sometimes gets overlooked and i.e. social media optimization. Along with adding meta descriptions and title tags to your site, you can also customize the social settings in Yoast SEO to get control over how your site and blog appears when shared on different social media platforms.

Yoast permits you to optimize your site with one plugin. It provides real-time content evaluation permitting you to check every page’s focused keywords. With the help of Yoast meta boxes, you can enter a custom page title along with the description and enhance your search results as well as appearance.

The plugin is available in free and premium version. It has an amazing number of specifications which makes it all the more an important lead generation plugin:

  • It has built-in system which reveals social platforms your defined blogs and content to use while displaying a preview on that media via linking.
  • It has copy analyzer which analyzes your written blogs and makes recommendations for improvements.
  • Better content renders better search results.
  • You get more visitors from Bing and Google
  • It attracts visitors from social media platforms
  • It enhances the engagement of readers
  • You surely do not need to hire an SEO expert when you have Yoast SEO
  • The knowledgeable support team is available round the clock for your support.
  • It gives your suggestions for links to another page of your site when you write.

10. WordPress to SugarCRM Lead Plugin

The WordPress to SugarCRM Lead Plugin provides a widget form anywhere you desire for quick, reliable and hassle free SugarCRM leads. It is available for free and doesn’t have any license fees. It is simple yet advances, quick and one-time setup solution for your site requirements. The plugin will instantly generate a Lead form on your widget depending on your preference via fields mapped to your Sugar CRM lead module. You have the convenience to change the Label and Order of the field whenever you desire. So, you can transform your visitors into business leads easily now.

  • Quick setup without HTML
  • User-friendly and easy form builder
  • Simple to handle
  • Dynamically created
  • Allows you to mark the mandatory fields
  • Categorize any field as a hidden field with any value you desire. The value can be changed anytime
  • Amend success/ failure along with the different error messages as per your requirement
  • Acquire visitor’s distant address
  • Get emails for every lead generation
  • Apply personalized CSS on your lead forms.
  • Redirect page during lead submission

WordPress to SugarCRM Lead Plugin provides you unlimited forms with a variety of fieldsets. You get premium support from the technical team. It gives you user-friendly drag and drops form building facility and the option to use customized CAPTCHA on your lead forms.

Final Note:

With just a few plugins and low efforts, you can get big strides in your lead generation efforts. You have a number of ways to generate leads on your site and every plugin performs a remarkable job to convert your traffic to clients. It is up to you to decide which lead generation plugin you actually require for your WordPress website.

Well, the big question here is how many quality leads can your business capture with the above mentioned and simple to use WordPress plugins????

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