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What’s new with MYPSDTOHTML? Yes, we changed, We Have a Brand New Story!

War-room discussion on Mypsdtohtml new design & development

At Mypsdtohtml our awesome codes take the shape of robust products and beautiful websites. As much as we love to work with multiple clients and businesses, our voyage hasn’t been smooth sailing. We had to take some tough calls and yet celebrated our milestones. Given the fact that we work with clients to help them with branding we decided to go through a branding exercise ourselves about three months ago and Walla coded us a new website! Of course, you can’t go wrong when designers, developers, and SEO experts go to the war room, can you?

War-room: Statistics show when three passionate teams go to war, you get an explosion!

Imagine what happens when nerds meet think-tanks in a war room? You guessed it right! We start with a strategic sketch! A bit of a boast: our sketches look much more awesome than what other people make in boardrooms. After all the warring (trust us when we tell you this – when passionate people brainstorm it’s nothing less than a real war!), we finally concluded that it was now halftime and seriously we need to get things moving. So we democratically (boy was that process and word harsh) decided to let the best man speak!

Mark, our King Julian of strategy finalized the web page elements, banner design and features that appear on our Homepage.

sketch-design       Mypsdtohtml- Home Page Design

Our Master then laid out the Inner page suggestions:

After an arduous brainstorming session, Mark came to a conclusion that our website will mostly discuss our work approach and methodology. Research showed that our visitors were looking for more information on companies to migrate their websites from PSD to HTM platform. We toot our own horns on the Portfolio page, seriously, these are our best tweeters!

Not willing to undermine the digital marketing efforts, we decided to target niche visitors and provide them customized solutions. To provide great service is one thing but presentation and packaging it is an entirely different ballgame! So there was our master strategist Mark, who after a long research in the quietest of quiet nights built our portfolio page and concluded:

Our Approach Page: 

Our main strategy behind is to showcase How clients request a quote and How the projects will be taken care at MYPSDTOHTML. Also our team suggested us to show the list of coding standards and kit we used to follow on all of our clients PSD to HTML and WordPress projects.

Here is how it looks finally after we made a code for the page

“Our company page is more about our culture and clients. After all, that is what will hold us in good stead, will it not?”

We, at Mypsdtohtml, strongly believe in fostering long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients worldwide.

Order Now Page with Online Project Calculator: 

Our “order now” page is transparent and has a pricing calculator plugged in so that you easily get to know our work and pricing.  We want clients who believe us and are confident about our capabilities when they come to us! Our main idea is that we should make clients job easy in finding the project cost.

Here is the Order Now page with calculator functionalities included as well

sketch-style-order-now-page       order-now

After a lot of groundwork in understanding the current user trends and expectations, Jason transformed the inputs provided by Mark into beautiful sketches and then to a great design! Jason, who we are sure, is the reincarnation of Dali, then stroked his pen and sketched out our website design. He suggested the UX keeping in mind the users who engage with various UX.

Web Development and SEO Team:

It’s a great deal to have a responsive design in place, but bringing it to life is largely dependent on the scripting language and technology used. We begin our work, keeping in mind all our SEO needs so that we rank better on SERPs.

So, then our Development and SEO teams burnt some midnight oil, you know the way it goes and then we pinned, yes pinned on the followed points:

        * We need a responsive website.

        * We need to maintain a web page loading page speed that is more than 90% for all devices.

        * We need to code without errors that are compliant with all the coding standards

       * We need to maintain all markup schemas and less CSS and we do not entertain frames (not even iframes and flash videos!)

        * URL structure and navigations should be clear and website set for micro coding, with multiple languages.

It was then the time to start coding!

Development Team:

With Jason and Mark’s inputs on the Design, Strategy, and SEO our development team decided to build the website on Bootstrap. Our development team worked with our requirements to convert a website on PSD to Bootstrap, while incorporating HTML, CSS, and other latest technologies into the code.

You don’t tell a nerd what he needs to do you only tell him/her what you want from him! Our SEO experts listed out the necessary inputs for pages & keywords and our developers raced out to work on bootstrap!

Way before our SEO expert could add that coding a website makes it SEO friendly, load faster with a semantic markup. The nerds have our website running at 90% as per the page speed score returned by Google.

So finally we ended up with a rather fresh looking website that was appreciated webmasters, designers, and coders in the business alike. Tsk.. Some of our clients also took out the time to let us know that we look good! We would like to hear from you as well.

Testing times begin!

Once we got it all together, we started testing our website both in terms of the specified requirements and functionalities. We believe we got our website up and running within a short period of time and thanks to our enthusiasm to hear a word or two from our clients, we improved on our website as well!

The rest is history while we now like to hear our story!

Looking around for strategy, design or great coders? Mail us your queries and requirements at or Skype with us at mark.mypsdtohtml and let us do the rest to impress you!

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